Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yao Ming’s Retirement
Yao Ming is the player who changed the history of NBA. First of all he is the first Asian player ever to join a NBA team. That means he managed to connect Asia with the NBA, he made the dream look possible for people all over the world. 
            Now let’s talk about his career and why he decided to retire.
            He started his career playing for the Shanghai Sharks for 5 years. He averaged 38.9 points and 20.2 rebounds a game, while shooting 76.6% from the field. In his rookie season at the age of 17 he averaged 10 points and 8 rebounds a game. In his second year in the CBS he broke his foot.  
This decreased his vertical for 5 inches (13cm). The Houston Rockets picked him at no1 of the 2002 NBA draft. After three years of successful playing in the NBA he started to get continuously injured at his knee and foot.  These continuous injuries made him retire at his 31 years. At his last NBA season he played only 5 games. He managed to get in the playoffs many times in his career and he is an 8 times NBA all-star

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