Thursday, July 7, 2011

What does Lockout mean for the NBAers

The consequences of the lockout will be harsh. First of all, the largest percentage of the NBAers will prefer to move to other continents so as to play basketball. For instance they will play basketball in Europe. There are many good teams in Europe such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Panathinaikos,Maccani Tel Aviv  and others. This will occur because in the USA they won’t be able to do so because the NBA League won’t start.
Furthermore they will lose a large amount of money because the teams that can offer so much money to players are limited.
In conclusion, I believe that both players and presidents should try the most they can so as to avoid a Lockout for long time because nobody will win things with a long-lasting Lockout
Update: Deron Williams has signed with Besiktas in Turkey. Further details about the contract will be announced later. Besiktas is the team that signed Allen Iverson last year.
                                                                                                                Makis Dragon

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