Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts on 2011 NBA Draft

Recently,before and after the 2011 NBA Draft, i have heard that this year draft is one of the weakest ever. In my opinion we have not taken everything into account. We judge these players performance NOW. We should not forget than many NBA stars were not selected very high in their year's draft selection.
For example Steve Nash, one of the greatest points guards in the NBA history. He was selected at number fifteen. Before that he had struggled in finding a college to play. Steve Nash has been all-star 7 times in his career and 2 times awarded with MVP award and much more.
Another example is the no 9. and no 10. of 1998 NBA Draft. Dirk Nowitzki was selected at number 9 and Paul Pierce at number 10. These guys are one of the greatest in NBA history. Nowitzki was recently awarded with the Bill Russel MVP award for 2011 NBA finals. Due to his amazing performance in the finals his team, Dallas Mavericks, manage to win the title 4-2 against the Miami Heat. He has also been all-star 9 times in his career. He is also one of the best shooters ever. Paul Pierce, was NBA champion in 2008 NBA championship and also awarded with the MVP award of this year final.
In conclusion, all I want to say in this article is that we should not judge these players from their performance now but after two or three years so as that they have gained enough experience and have improved their technique.

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